Banking Advisory

The banking industry is undergoing unprecedented changes both in the developed world and in emerging markets. Financial institutions focus more and more on developing low-cost operating models as a result of increasing bad debts, high cost of funding, margin pressure, erosion of non-interest income, as well as increasing regulatory and compliance requirements.

In this changing landscape there is a unique opportunity for some banks and financial institutions to move beyond the crisis and emerge either as new market leaders or enhance their existing leading position. But this is only possible through innovation and evolution.

ADWISE Business & Legal Consulting works with banks and other financial institutions to help them adapt to market changes and optimize performance. We work with our clients in the areas of:

SME Banking

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of a strong market economy, especially in emerging markets. They are drivers of job creation and GDP growth. But in order to create the positive impact, SMEs need access to credit and other banking services.

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Green Financing

Increasing energy needs, volatile oil prices and focus on decreasing the risks of global warming have speeded up the green financing within the last few years. Green financing is considered especially important in countries lacking energy resources (such as Armenia), whose dependence on energy imports increases the financial burden both on national budgets and private households.

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Operational & Organizational Efficiency

Due to changing economic, competitive and regulatory environment, new technologies and products as well as customers’ needs companies have to always optimize their structures and processes in order to stay competitive and profitable.

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HR & Training

HR is sometimes called risk management in banking. Indeed, HR has never been more important for financial institutions than now. The need to manage changes in business practices, mergers and acquisitions and the resulting declining staff morale and stress, plummeting salaries and bonuses, redundancies, increasing demands towards employees makes the role of HR management even more important.

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Risk Management & Control

Today banks and other financial institutions are more than ever concerned about robust risk management and internal control systems, as this is a fundamental requirement for the success of any financial institution. Senior management and board members want a deep understanding of their key business risks and how they are managed.

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Lilit Gharayan

Head of business and banking advisory (+374) 91 349 499