Through the changing timelines and continuous technology-driven innovations, manufacturing industry keeps shifting, and remaining a competitive player in the industry becomes a key challenge. As the sector develops, it provides new opportunities for businesses to grow, and those who pursue these opportunities and capitalize on them can win.

Manufacturing is one of the oldest branches of Armenian economy. It is an important direction that can promote economic and social development. The sector is currently facing several challenges, which are rather common for developing countries. Export problem, low labor productivity and absence of affordable crediting, lack of investment into technological development remain key matters for local firms. Sustainability issues limit the capacity in delivering demand-driven quality products.

Despite the issues, the industry has a good export potential and can strongly contribute to the increase of employment rate in the country.

At ADWISE Consulting, translating those challenges into forward-looking solutions is our main goal. Our team of professionals has worked with several manufacturing firms (in food and beverage production, textile, mining and other production companies) providing expertise and tailored approach to every project.

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