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HR is sometimes called risk management in banking. Indeed, HR has never been more important for financial institutions than now. The need to manage changes in business practices, mergers and acquisitions and the resulting declining staff morale and stress, plummeting salaries and bonuses, redundancies, increasing demands towards employees makes the role of HR management even more important.

ADWISE™ Business and Legal Consulting assists banks and other financial institution in building and optimizing all their HR processes and practices:

Recruitment: We design, set up or optimize all stages of the recruitment process in your institution in order to make sure you “win the war of talent” and attract the staff that will meet your requirements.

Performance management & compensation policy: We design and implement performance measurement & management systems specially tailored for financial institutions which will drive your business results up. Additionally, we can help you reflect the performance of your staff on their compensations by offering efficient salary scales, incentive and performance bonus schemes.

Staff development and training programs: It is a known fact that the higher educational systems do not fully meet the demand of the employers, especially financial institutions. Thus, each financial institution needs professional development programs for its managers and staff in order to institutionalize the business philosophy, strategies and business practices of their institutions. ADWISE™ is ready to analyze the development and training needs of your institution, design and deliver professional development programs specially tailored for your institution. You can also download the full list of our trainings here.

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Lilit Gharayan

Head of business and banking advisory (+374) 91 349 499