Agricultural industry is one of the most prospective industries of Armenia promoting the economic development of the country. Despite the shifting market economy that the industry is still adopting to, Armenian agricultural industry attracts both local as well as international investors. Agricultural products provided by local farmers have an increasing demand for export. Armenia has a great geographical position providing natural conditions for land use and specialization in certain types of agricultural production.

The industry has performed well throughout the recent years, however there are several growing obstacles that raise social, economic and environmental concerns and require an immediate attention. Sustainability is one of the major concerns of not only Armenian but also global agriculture. Growth in food production along with enhancement and maintenance of natural resources is a priority concern for many developing countries.

ADWISE Consulting with its team has a strong exposure to the industry and has worked with several firms from the field as well as donors and projects helping them move further by providing tailored solutions to their current challenges. We help the industry improve efficiency, competitiveness and diversification.

Our experts, who consult agricultural companies, are not only highly qualified consultants, yet also have deep understanding and experience in the field.

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