IT & Telecom

Information Technologies and Telecommunication industry has been revolutionary since its foundation. The power of digital transformation is tremendous and its tendency for future enhancement is inevitable. Thus, the industry remains the driving force for the growth of world economy.

IT and Telecom industry in Armenia is the most progressive one in the region. The industry produced 5 % of the GDP of the Republic of Armenia in 2015. The fastest-ever growing industry of Armenian economy is striking substantial achievements and persistent development in terms of both corporate business and academic development.

It and Telecom industry is constantly shifting, thus, both companies and individual players should pay a close attention to the tendencies of the industry in order to keep up to date with the recent developments and increasing challenges of the digital century. As one of the fastest -ever growing industries there are several obstacles and risks such as organizational development, optimization, market penetration, market share increase, customer engagement, output export, wise financial and investment management, productivity and pricing. Two different steps should be taken into account: modernizing operations and redefining their strategic identity.

ADWISE Consulting, with its team, has a proven experience in working with IT and Telecommunication companies, including local, international, multinational, startup, recovering and other companies. We input our experience and knowledge to support companies overcome existing challenges, implement improvements, oversee potential risks and take early steps to cope with those. We assist them to accelerate the renewal of key businesses and operations while providing new business models and making it easier to generate a long-term value for stockholders. We help them eliminate the financial costs that otherwise would have been much higher.

Our experts, are not only highly qualified consultants, yet also have deep understanding and experience in the field.

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