Operational & Organizational Efficiency

Due to changing economic, competitive and regulatory environment, new technologies and products as well as customers’ needs companies have to always optimize their structures and processes in order to stay competitive and profitable.

We can help you in:

  • Optimization of organizational structures: We will review the company’s organizational structure, the allocated functions and competences and recommend optimizations that will mostly fit its business strategy, such as: centralization, sharing or outsourcing of head office functions, reorganizations of reporting and business lines, developing clarity in roles and responsibilities, reallocation and merging of functions etc.
  • Optimization of operations: In order to optimize the company’s operations we will go through its workflows, tools, applications and processes and recommend redesigning of operations, wherever necessary. This service can also include benchmarking of key operations addressing such issues as quality of service, productivity, operating costs, efficiency etc.
  • Development of operational policies & procedures: We help the companies develop or update its Operational Policies & Procedures to keep up with the changing processes and conditions. We make those documents very user-friendly, enriching them with flow charts, manuals and check-lists. We also train the staff on the usage of those documents.
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Lilit Gharayan

Head of business and banking advisory l.gharayan@adwise.am (+374) 91 349 499