Support in issuing Green, Social, Sustainable and Sustainability-linked Bonds

As the market evolves and sustainability becomes increasingly vital, green, social, sustainable and sustainability-linked bonds have emerged as a vital tool for financial institutions and corporates, allowing them to proactively address pressing environmental challenges and contribute to a sustainable future. By issuing such bonds, corporates and financial institutions can align their operations with global sustainability goals, attract environmentally and socially responsible investors, and position themselves at the forefront of the evolving market for sustainable finance, driving positive impact while securing long-term growth.

ADWISE Consulting, with its specialization in sustainable finance both locally and internationally, brings its expertise to help financial institutions and corporates to navigate the complexities of sustainable finance with confidence and success. Our consulting encompasses the following services:

  1. Development of bond frameworks: We assist financial institutions and corporates in designing comprehensive bond frameworks that comply with recognized international standards, such as ICMA (International Capital Market Association) Green Bonds Principles, CBI Green Bonds Standards or EU Green Bonds standards,
  2. Support in obtaining external review: We support institutions in obtaining external reviews by connecting them with second-party opinion (SPO) providers and independent verifiers.
  3. Investor engagement: We provide assistance in identifying and choosing the particular market where the bond can be issued, and connecting them with the representatives.
  4. Communication of impact: We provide help in showcasing the institution’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility and enhancing transparency.
  5. Capacity building: We offer training programs and workshops to strengthen institutional knowledge and build internal capacities.

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Lilit Gharayan

Head of business and banking advisory (+374) 91 349 499