Sustainable Finance

The financial markets are experiencing significant changes as the global economy moves towards sustainability and a low-carbon future.

ADWISE Consulting offers holistic advisory services in sustainable finance for financial institutions, corporates, regulators, IFIs, impact funds and other institutions in more than 30 countries.

Our services include:

  • Integration of sustainable finance practices,
  • Support in issuing green, social, sustainable and sustainability-linked financing frameworks,
  • Climate and environmental risk management,
  • Sustainability reporting,
  • Other.

Integration of Sustainable Finance Practices

We support financial institutions, impact funds, regulators in developing sustainable finance strategies, roadmaps and action plans and ensure alignment of those with their core business mission and objectives.

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Support in issuing Green, Social, Sustainable and Sustainability-linked Bonds

As the market evolves and sustainability becomes increasingly vital, green, social, sustainable and sustainability-linked bonds have emerged as a vital tool for financial institutions and corporates, allowing them to proactively address pressing environmental challenges and contribute to a sustainable future.

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Climate and Environmental Risk Management

Managing ESG risks is paramount for safeguarding value and mitigating negative impacts on the financial institutions. We offer financial institutions turn-key solutions for integrating ESG risks into their risk management strategies and practices.

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Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting becomes essential for financial institutions’ stakeholders (including investors, regulators and the public at large) as well as from compliance perspective. We help financial institutions transparently report on their sustainability practices and, if necessary, comply with respective regulatory frameworks and standards.

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Lilit Gharayan

Head of business and banking advisory (+374) 91 349 499