Feb 27 2022

ADWISE Consulting has carried out another important regulatory and policy reform project, this time with the aim of supporting repatriation

Within the framework of this project, funded by USAID and contracted by MSI, the ADWISE team, partnering with Repat Armenia experts, has carried out in-depth research of the key problems in the field of repatriation, and several related fields.

Through numerous stakeholder interviews, roundtable discussions and desk research both regulatory and practical issues were identified, and a list of regulatory and policy proposal was developed.

The results will be used by the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, the beneficiary of the project, and hopefully soon be implemented in the regulations and state policies.


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Jul 02 2024

ADIWSE Consulting is implementing ADB’s “Strengthening Environmental Resilience and Fostering Sustainable Economy for Lake Sevan” project

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Dec 21 2023

Green Agenda: Armenia’s Roadmap for a Sustainable Tomorrow

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Nov 16 2023

Vardan Melikyan joins ADWISE Consulting as partner, director of sustainability and environment

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