Jul 02 2024

ADIWSE Consulting is implementing ADB’s “Strengthening Environmental Resilience and Fostering Sustainable Economy for Lake Sevan” project

ADWISE Consulting experts are currently working on the “Strengthening Environmental Resilience and Fostering Sustainable Economy for Lake Sevan” project which is implemented by Asian Development Bank in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment.

The project is aimed at enhancing knowledge on climate-adaptive economic development while promoting environmental sustainability and disaster resilience.

The objective of the project is to provide capacity building for governmental and local stakeholders to enhance their climate adaptive planning and strategic spatial planning capabilities. This will be achieved through consultation sessions, workshops, roundtables, and visioning exercises. As a result:

  • Recommendations for policy reforms to improve the institutional setup for sustainable and climate-adaptive development plans will be provided.
  • Customized sustainable tourism practices will be developed.
  • Spatial and zoning plans for recreational areas that adhere to climate-adaptive economic development principles, including eco-tourism will be created
  • Criteria for development to safeguard and enhance the natural capital potential of Lake Sevan and its surrounding national park, including guidelines for harmonizing building exterior decoration with the natural surroundings will be established.

On 17 June, in the framework of Asian Development Bank’s “Strengthening Environmental Resilience and Fostering Sustainable Economy for Lake Sevan” project, ADIWSE Consulting experts conducted a stakeholder meeting.

During the meeting, international and national experts presented their findings and gathered feedback to ensure an inclusive approach in developing policy reforms, sustainable tourism practices, spatial plans for recreational areas, and criteria to protect Lake Sevan’s natural capital. The focus was on collaborative efforts to strengthen Lake Sevan’s environmental resilience and support a sustainable economy.


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