Climate, Resilience & Environment

Humanity already experiences the impact of climate change (melting glaciers, rising sea levels and increasingly frequent and extreme weather such as droughts, heavy rain and storms) which is the biggest threat to equitable and sustainable development. Therefore, there is an urgent need for action to support climate change mitigation and minimise the severity of future climate impacts. At the same time support to communities in building resilience, and strengthening capacity for effective disaster risk management is needed. Action on climate change is linked to broader issues of environmental protection and sustainable natural resource management. In order to achieve results these actions have to be implemented at all levels of society.

We at ADWISE Consulting have an integrated and holistic approach and strive to maximise synergies between economic, social, and environmental objectives. We offer different solutions and services in:

  • Climate and environmental policy formulation and integration of those in different social and economic policies
  • Adaptation and resilience planning, including disaster risk planning and management
  • Resilient urban development
  • Accessing finance for climate change interventions
  • other

Our Environment & Sustainability section gives more details on our services.

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Lilit Gharayan

Head of business and banking advisory (+374) 91 349 499