Jun 18 2015


On June 4th 2015 a number of legislative amendments were enacted (including amendments in the Civil Procedure Code and the Judicial Code), formally introducing the mechanism of mediation into civil proceedings.

Once the amendments take force in mid-September, a designated mediation procedure will become available to parties engaged in civil disputes. At that, certification of to-be mediators by the Ministry of Justice is expected to begin ahead of that date.

The newly introduced mediation procedure may be expected to facilitate dispute settlement, and also decrease duration and costs of litigation.


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Jul 02 2024

ADIWSE Consulting is implementing ADB’s “Strengthening Environmental Resilience and Fostering Sustainable Economy for Lake Sevan” project

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Dec 21 2023

Green Agenda: Armenia’s Roadmap for a Sustainable Tomorrow

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Nov 16 2023

Vardan Melikyan joins ADWISE Consulting as partner, director of sustainability and environment

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