Business consulting

ADWISE Consulting offers you a set of business consulting services that covering the whole cycle of your business as well as its different aspects. Our business advisory services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities. We bring our expertise and experience to help you manage your business in a complex and changing environment by providing specially tailored turn-key solutions for different aspects of your business.

Strategic planning & development

Every organization at any stage of its development needs to understand its position and performance in the market in order to meet customer and investor demands, respond to the impact of changing competitive environment and new technologies.

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Financial management

Finance function in organizations must always align to the business strategy as well as provide insight and financial analysis to support decision-making.

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Risk management

In today’s world running a business is becoming challenging. In order to efficiently manage diverse risks within the organization, managers need sound internal control environment. We help companies evaluate company risks and set up proper risk management and internal control practices.

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At the crossroad of corporate strategy and finance lies valuation. Valuation is important and strong support to organizations for financial reporting, litigations, mergers, acquisitions, investment involvements and other strategically-important purposes.

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HR & training

Today many companies recognize that effective HR management is a key to business success. Yet, many of them do not have sufficient resources or expertise to integrate good HR practices in their everyday management and decision-making processes.

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Lilit Gharayan

Head of business and banking advisory (+374) 91 349 499