ADIWSE Consulting is implementing ADB’s “Strengthening Environmental Resilience and Fostering Sustainable Economy for Lake Sevan” project

ADWISE Consulting experts are currently working on the “Strengthening Environmental Resilience and Fostering Sustainable Economy for Lake Sevan” project which is implemented by Asian Development Bank in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment.

The project is aimed at enhancing knowledge on climate-adaptive economic development while promoting environmental sustainability and disaster resilience.

The objective of the project is to provide capacity building for governmental and local stakeholders to enhance their climate adaptive planning and strategic spatial planning capabilities. This will be achieved through consultation sessions, workshops, roundtables, and visioning exercises. As a result:

  • Recommendations for policy reforms to improve the institutional setup for sustainable and climate-adaptive development plans will be provided.
  • Customized sustainable tourism practices will be developed.
  • Spatial and zoning plans for recreational areas that adhere to climate-adaptive economic development principles, including eco-tourism will be created
  • Criteria for development to safeguard and enhance the natural capital potential of Lake Sevan and its surrounding national park, including guidelines for harmonizing building exterior decoration with the natural surroundings will be established.

On 17 June, in the framework of Asian Development Bank’s “Strengthening Environmental Resilience and Fostering Sustainable Economy for Lake Sevan” project, ADIWSE Consulting experts conducted a stakeholder meeting.

During the meeting, international and national experts presented their findings and gathered feedback to ensure an inclusive approach in developing policy reforms, sustainable tourism practices, spatial plans for recreational areas, and criteria to protect Lake Sevan’s natural capital. The focus was on collaborative efforts to strengthen Lake Sevan’s environmental resilience and support a sustainable economy.

Green Agenda: Armenia’s Roadmap for a Sustainable Tomorrow

The Green Agenda project for which ADWISE Consulting is the National Implementing Partner in Armenia, is now officially launched in Yerevan, Armenia.

Embarking on a transformative journey, Armenia will align with the European Green Deal and the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Extended Partnership Agreement (CEPA). This initiative aims to harmonize national policies with leading European standards, propelling Armenia towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

The project launch and its first Steering Committee meeting, chaired by the Ministry of Environment brought together a diverse group of key stakeholders, Government officials and members of the international community.

The Deputy Minister of Environment, Aram Meymaryan, addressing the attendees, highlighted the project’s significance: “Armenia is on the brink of transformation. Our environmental awareness is expanding, yet we remain confronted by significant challenges, including pollution, waste management, and deforestation. These are the pressing issues we are vigorously striving to address. However, we realize that our approach needs to embrace sustainability. The Green Agenda is a decisive roadmap designed to cultivate a healthier environment for our citizens, administer our natural resources more effectively, and ultimately, lead us towards a more ecologically-friendly Armenia.”

Attendees of the project launch received a message from Patrik Svensson, the Sweden’s Ambassador to Armenia: “The Green Agenda, a key priority for Sweden, aligns with an invaluable opportunity for Armenia, where a greener economy could simultaneously enhance citizens’ quality of life, catalyse sustainable growth, and generate new employment opportunities. Amid these challenging times, steering Armenia’s economy towards greener practices presents not just a prudent policy decision, but also a strategic vision ensuring equitable and inclusive progression towards a sustainable, zero-emission, and environmentally responsible economy.”

In a message addressed to event attendees, Virginijus Sinkevičius, the Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, at the European Commission, emphasized: “The climate change resistant future is a necessity for which we are laying the background nowadays. By adopting sustainable policies and practices, Armenia aligns its policies with European standards, aiming to enhance the quality of life for its citizens, open up new business opportunities and strengthen trade and economic relations with EU member states.”

Vardan Melikyan joins ADWISE Consulting as partner, director of sustainability and environment

We are pleased to announce that we, prioritizing environment and sustainability through the recent years, are dedicating a separate business line, to further enhance our work in the field – consulting in environment and sustainability, and we are super happy to welcome Vardan Melikyan to our team as a Partner and Director in charge of that business line.

Vardan Melikyan has 17 years of progressive experience in climate change, natural resource management and sustainable development with the Armenian Government, and international development organizations. While working as Deputy Minister of Environment of Armenia, he was responsible for coordination of policy development in forestry, biodiversity, and protected areas management, as well as acted as National Focal Point for the Convention on Biological Diversity, Political and Operational Focal Point for the Republic of Armenia, Global Environmental Facility, and Vice-Chair of UNECE Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry.

Vardan has extensive experience in policy analysis, strategic planning, leadership of participatory decision-making processes, development of the training materials and facilitation of coaching workshops, as well as climate change technology needs assessment.

Vardan’s deep expertise in the field of environment and sustainability, combined with his passion for sustainable development will further enrich our client offering.

Vardan Melikyan holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Moscow State University after Lomonosov. In addition to that, Vardan has participated in numerous trainings in the field.