Debt Finance, Banks and Credit Institutions

With decades long solid and continuous record of high-level service in the field of debt finance and credit institutions, our partners carry with them a unique capacity of advising clients and especially international and foreign banking organisations and institutional lenders with cross-border activities in Armenia on any matter related to their dealings with borrowers, collateral providers and guarantors. Our services include transactional support of secured and unsecured lending, including any type of syndicated facilities, debt restructuring and other similar matters. We have a solid record of representing lenders, borrowers, facility and security agents, arrangers and other stakeholders in facilities of various types and amounts.

With thorough knowledge of banking regulations and comprehensive grasp of regulatory policies we are firmly in position to advise investors and credit institutions on any regulatory matters and issues at question.

Our services in this area of our practice usually include (but are not be limited to):

  • Conducting legal due diligence of any scope on local borrower
  • Advising on any matter of conflict of laws
  • Transactional support, including full arrangement for local collateral
  • Providing legal opinions
  • Advise and support of licensing of the activities of credit institutions.
  • Advising on any regulatory matter applicable to banks and other credit institutions matter
  • Litigations
  • Development and review of policies and procedures for credit institutions
  • Legal support on contractual and transaction matters

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Ara Khzmalyan

Head of legal advisory (+374) 95 954 450