We offer you an in-depth and comprehensive legal advice and support.

We strive to help you build and expand your business, making sure that our advice and proposed solutions are best suited to the specific business situation and needs. Our unique combination of in-house and counseling experience empowers us to do exactly that, thus ensuring the best possible result.

What makes us different is that a highly qualified and experienced advisor will keep a constant focus on your case, and will be available for you on a regular basis.

Our practice encompasses a wide span of areas and services, ranging from establishing new corporate entities to assisting established businesses through complex transactions.

We are proud to offer you the following services:

  • Day-to-day legal servicing of the business,
  • Registration, reorganization & liquidation of legal entities in Armenia, optimization of shareholding structuring,
  • Drafting & review of contracts (case specific & templates), agreements, deeds, authorizations & other legal documents as well as assisting & representing the Client in negotiations on respective transactions,
  • Providing legal reviews & opinions,
  • Developing corporate governance policies & procedures (supported by the internal control expertise from our business advisory unit),
  • Registration of trademarks & industrial designs (in Armenia & worldwide),
  • Representation in court, arbitration & mediation & administrative proceedings,
  • Legal support for licensing, accreditation & certification,
  • Legal due diligence (overall & issue-specific),
  • Other legal matters.